Morfairsing Rising

Filtered Intrigue

WTF!? Do you know the real quality of your bottled water?

*Scrappers outfitted us, given ATV (see Party Loot List)and we are plotting sabotage and possible targeted removal of the Architect

Decided to take the route of the river to tunnel to infiltrate the Water Treatment plant out of an over zealous fear of honesty.

Bumstead tells us to Fuck off out of over zealous greed… and Faust revulsion

Stop giving Ian ideas Morgan!

invisibility potions used (6 of 10)
Willow/Faust Arcane Armour, Faust Whispers of the Void

Through intake tunnel to a catwalk, Faust, Xerxes, Brenda Willow, Leoren, SilverBell

Faust becomes visible and skitters up the catwalk and peers over the edge … dramatic pause while Ian places tiles… Willow gives Faust a back up potion of Invisibility

Happen upon a room of phosphorescent forms… mushrooms… where a holding tank and initial filtration of the contaminated water should be, is in fact infested with these Fungus, and a circle of 6 hooded, writhing, shivering women… invisible Willow slips up through a heavy sweet scent seeking to see the source of the trauma … the hood rises and like the sunrise it dawns on Willow these are Human shaped Fungus and dread welling as the shivering accelerates and limbs become poisonous ribbons tracing pain across Willow’s frame . (Insanity ensues ) much damage much running a couple healing potions (2 of 10)

Cranking the containment door open and head past to the pressing task.

Hydroponics!? Really… right after the Fungi room … painful…

Wrenched open door (plush indoor garden… ) laughter and sighs float towards us…

we are perplexed by gratuitous nudity… traders in various states of nudity and coitus… dead bodies… floating tendrils of singing come from a beautiful Elven maid having a devastating impact on Brenda driving her to rage…

Melissa Joan shoots the maiden with his bow causing Bernda the compelled to turn and fire with both revolvers… MJ switches with one of the partially robed hedonists causing the mans death… The Maiden gets “murder hoboed”

After which Brenda still compelled rushes to the barely alive Maiden calling Willow to her side. Willow bound the Maiden then heals her. (Unquestioning support… whatcha gonna do) More compelling more attacking, some blindness… unconscious Maiden carried off by Brenda the compelled … did I mention she still has the schematics for the sabotage? Pursuit send out “Heroes” into a control room. Ripping wiring… trophies for Xerxes… Flee… Flee… home again home again jiggidy jig missing Brenda… sadness …

and scene


GrendelTodd lydia_ropp

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