Morfairsing Rising

Blindness Births Clarity:

Chronicle of the Wandering ... and bumping into stuff occasionally

**Willow is amazed with the focus and peace that Blindness has offered her and basks in the favor of her lord… The party wants her to be an effect party member… Sigh

They make their way to the temple of Y’til where they find that their solution is the Cause of the Hex in the first place… Fucking Siren

On to the Town Guard… We are not their favorite people… But we do get information about the Town views on Faust and that the High Inquisitor is on the fence for Prosecuting Faust.

Ragnavault becomes bored and wanders away.

We are joined by Faust and he suggests after the status report, that he, Xerxes, Brenda, Zyphal adjourn to the Scrappers while the Horny changeling Jordan go with Willow, Silver Bell, Zale to meet/hook-up with the Sisters.

Oh yea, we split the party and instantly instigate two different combats…Scrapper yard is an exploding hot mess and the Ruins are being ripped apart by the Lizard/Godzilla rip off freeing itself from it subterranean prison.

We decided to draw the enormous monster to the unused Air Field, with the idea that as we draw it away Silver Bell will seek the Sisters to see if they can turn the monster to stone at the Air field. Willow shoots and nicked its ferocious toe nail. Silver Bell however unloaded cold steel venom via revolver. We are not the monster’s favorite friends. Thrashing damaging all and totaling our transport….

Mean while back at the Scrappers… Howls echo through the night … the walls have been breached and 1/2 dozen bodies litter the courtyard… machine gun percussion echo from deeper into the compound.

Standing over the wreckage of the motor bike Jordan takes a quick shot with his pistol but is to rattled for accuracy. If the face of terror our spirits lifted at the sight (well not Willow) of the Sisters facing the monster with their hoods down… shock and sadness as the reptile of Doom turn slightly grey then recovering roared in anger still mobile and very much not stone … arrows begin flying up from the rubble sticking into the scales. Huddling, swallowing the terror and Willow bathes her companions in the loving healing of Y’til. Pixie from Hell continue dish damage beyond her size. Jordan heartens and raises the barrel and fires with more authority than his last attack…. Another arrow flies, annoying the great beast with their pricking pain… Two bullets left to the powerful pixie before she needs to stop and reload… Chanting from our writhing Allies but to no seen impact.

Screams and gunfire spill from within the Scrappers (not so secure) bunker. Brenda careening around a corner, reacting instinctively unloaded both guns knocking it prone think it was dead but it tries to rise Faust clicks and gears whine as the beast explodes in refuse and gore. Brenda splattered with the filth distressed screaming about the gore-ing of her glorious bread. Faust gallantly offering a hanky with which to clean herself . The various demented followers out grossing each other … dueling debauchery with skull fucking and bloody palm decorating… one might say a disgusting version of a banjo pickin contest.

Wonck … Aaahh. Beastie attacks the source of the stinging arrows, feminine screams drawing the sisters to mind… Pixie unloads again reacting so quick she is able to shoot twice hitting with both … The faun Zale kindly aids Willow in aiming allowing her to hit for more damage than the last… Jordan fires causing a gushing wound… Willow regrets not being able to summon the vampires for an endless buffet.

Xerxes, at the Scrappers compound skulks through a locked, now jimmied, door leading them deeper into the compound… Echos of conflict ring towards them.

Willow visualizes the epic conflict unfolding between these beings of myth and wonder and give thanks to Y’til for such amazing and awe inspiring creatures.

Growling Howling pack of unbridled furry death steals Brenda’s breath as she comes into view. Fighting the welling fear, unleashes an attack with all she has for hits and misses … the werewolves notice and Faust is in a fetal position… Putting on his big boy gears Faust seeks to prevent Brenda’s face from being eaten off… much vomit and feces for all… Brenda is not sure if that was an improvement … The Dark God of smelly Death strikes again (LOL thanks for that Mark)… Melissa Jones decide she is far to stoned for this and continues her sabbatical in the Van… Doom around the corner? Maybe. Werewolves turn to serve up a buffet of whoop ass … Pain around the corner? … Certainly …. The stalwart Scrappers swing valiantly in the face of terror… icy fear settles into the party’s bones as the Werewolves begin to heal… A large furry standing on a crate sprays lead towards Brenda causing enough damage to make her grateful it was not worse…

Blood continues to drain from the giant Lizard Beastie ragged, stiffen and slowed …

Over whelming numbers… Hmmm, Brenda muses… I am inclined to run. Faust doggedly insists that they dare not waver .. falter nor fall… we must take this opportunity!!! Brenda is pretty sure Faust is nuts…

“Zonks Scooby it scary out there,” whispers Melissa Jones as she quietly buried herself under Van cushions

Photos taken and game called


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