Morfairsing Rising

Shadow of the Demon Lord: Curious Case of the Errant Swine - Episode 2.7
Don't go into the light!

The Chain Gang:

  • Franklin Faust, spiderbot Clockwork Magician obsessed with the dark arts.
  • Julia, sexy Vampire Warrior in a Studio Ghibli-style Hazmat burka.
  • Brenda Miner, biker Dwarf Warrior with a sweet tooth for the rich life.
  • Kane, mendicant Human Priest with a shady past.
  • Jordan, Changeling Warrior suffering an identity crisis.
  • Golden-green~, self-indulgent Elf Rogue pistollero wrapped up in her own flower-power.
  • Silverbell, canary-headed Pixie Rogue with the life expectancy of a candle-flame.

Given the corpses & lack of light, the gang decides to move the camp into the room with the dimly glowing crimson lit half-dome (though the phantom elf woman appearing to tear off her own face & offer up her eyes every hour on the hour proves psychologically taxing to some, especially Brenda). Golden-green~ agrees to feed Julia some more of her blood, having developed something of a Vore-fetish. while while Brenda hammers out Faust’s dents & fixes up his gears after discovering he’s still fixable & winds him back up.

In the morning a bloodied Kane catches up with them , having swam through the Paranas in the water-filled tunnel. Finding Brenda has an infected leg, & others are still injured, Kane calls upon the Last King to heal what he can. The gang, while not necessarily devout believers, are happy for his services none the less.

Finally ready, they turn to pass through the pillared room to follow the downward-spiraling corridor. Eventually it leads them down to another circular chamber, eerily lit by a radiant red light emanating from a golden bowl floating in the center of the room to reflect upon mirrored walls. Below rest three glowing jewel-fragments. Golden-green~ searches for pressure-plates while everyone else hides in the hall. From what he hopes is a safe distance Faust determines that, yes, magic emanates from the chamber, but refuses to come closer to discern more. Golden-green~ notes the ceiling is very, very high above, seeming to be a semi-transparent dome, and likely the same dome from the room where they’d been camping.

Studying the jewel-fragments, Golden-green~ recalls legends of the Elf-Troll Wars, from the Elder-Times, and one story that told of the 6 Jewels of Power, and one specific tale that spoke of how one of the Jewels had been shattered by the Sword of Sorrows, a blade forged in the blood of 666 Elves. Such shattered remnants have little power left on their own, but can be consumed to enhance one’s own power – a postulation that makes Clockwork Faust sad.

In reaching out to pick them up, Golden-Green~ discovers too late they are illusions! A blinding flash of red light emanating from the bowl leaves several of them blinded for a minute, and all of them with a deep and painful sunburn. Silverbell suffers the worst, having had a vein rupture so her blood begins spraying everywhere, but emergency triage from Kane saves her tiny life. With no other exits to follow, the somewhat cooked Chain-gang retreats back upstairs.

While several flop down to rest after their short adventure, several of them (Jordan, Brenda, & Faust) accept a blessing from Kane so they can finally put an end to those wretched fish. After Brenda & Jordan chum up the waters with the Bloodybone’s corpses to attract the Parana swarm, they set to spearfish them once Faust dazes them with his fell magics (making them too busy filling the water with their own excrement to fight).

Afterwards they return to camp, and Julia & Golden-green~ persuade Brenda & Kane to join her in aiding in Julia’s “feeding arrangements” before they all settle down to rest for the rest of the day…

Shadow of the Demon Lord: Curious Case of the Errant Swine - Episode 2.6
Clap if you believe in faeries!

The Chain Gang:

  • Franklin Faust, spiderbot Clockwork Magician obsessed with the dark arts.
  • Julia, sexy Vampire Warrior in a Studio Ghibli-style Hazmat burka.
  • Richard Johnson/Jordan, Changeling Warrior suffering an identity crisis.
  • Golden-green~, self-indulgent Elf Rogue pistollero wrapped up in her own flower-power.
  • Silverbell, canary-headed Pixie Rogue with the life expectancy of a candle-flame.
  • with special guest Ragnvilde, Jotun dwarf-sitter and personal party Cavalry-man.

After her return from exploring the surrounding ruins, Golden-green~ discovers from the base-camp (currently consisting of 8, Fido & Kane) that the rest of the team has gone inside the elven ziggurat. Following, she finds the interior cistern filled with waterlogged corpses and fragments of chain on the stairwell and floating in the water. Spotting a tunnel below the waterline, she empties her waterskin for (she hopes) a little extra air before swimming after her comrades.

While traversing the tunnel though, she is swarmed by the carnivorous fish that haunt it. Managing to swim past, she makes it out into the circular chamber where she finds fragments of Backwash being nibbled on by the fishes, and where the rest of the gang waits by a dimly lit open door. Ragnvilde has his hands full with Brenda, who has assumed the fetal position thanks to her newfound hydrophobia, and he is gently rocking her like a bade.

Golden-green~ and Richard spot something flitting about inside the next chamber, so they – along with Julia & Faust – enter to investigate. Inside the dimly-lit redish room they find the Pixie Silverbell, whom Golden~ recognizes as another former slave of the same Wizard who had forced her into servitude many years before. Silverbell explains she had escaped when the Wizard died (?), stowing away in a backpack belonging to the Treasure-hunters that had opened up this ruin. She had been nibbling on food in their pack and been asleep when they’d died, waking up to find herself trapped in the dungeon with no way out but for the tunnel full of hungry fish.

They are all startled when, above the massive dimly-red glowing dome that occupies much of the room, a beautiful elf maid appears above, only to strip away her flesh and pull out her eyes before vanishing. The gang recovers their composure and decides to allow SIlverbell to join their company (especially when she admits to knowing a little water-magic). After examining each of the doors, they finally choose one. While checking for traps, Golden’s crossbow slips off and breaks, and Richard discovers the truth about himself while picking up an iron screw. Several minutes of identity shock go by as he recalls (dimly) another name, Jordan, and takes on Golden’s form. Eventually though they get back on track and enter to discover a long hall bordered by pillars, where they are promptly ambushed by two skeletons armed with bows and scimitars.

Things from bad to worse, despite Golden~ dropping one of the undead with a shot to the back of his head, when Faust and Silverbell discover two more Bloodybones – those damnable skinless faeries that had killed so many of their friends – sneaking up on them. Fleeing back into the room, Faust climbs up into a corner & distracts them with a casting of Horrible Deification; unfortunately this makes him their prime target as, while one is distracted while puking their guts out, the other takes him out with a single swipe of her claws. He briefly sees Hell before he shuts down…

The remaining Boneguard drops Julia & Jordan before switching back to its’ bow to trade more shots with Golden~. At the door Silverbell also drops from a blow from the recovering Bloodybones, but Ragnvilde comes running to the rescue (having spent much of the time prying off a hysterical Brenda), planting his axe firmly in one of the fairy’s that he starts spraying the room with blood. The smell revives Julia, who crawls up to drag him down so she can feed until he stops kicking. Silverbell & Jordan also recover, and while Silverbell flies over to freeze the remaining skeleton before hiding behind Golden~, Jordan joins Ragnvilde in putting down the remaining Bloodybones (which Ragnvilde has been forced to resort to boxing after his rune-etched battleaxe breaks). Golden~ gets a little peeved when the Jotun finishes off the Faerie, then strides over to put his hatchet in the Boneguard, and the word “kill-stealer” is bandied about.

Badly wounded & mourning the apparent death of Faust, the gang decides to make camp in the pillared hallway, taking a much needed breather…

A New story begins!
Meet the Whistling Quarrymen.

The Whistling Quarrymen are a small company, recently recruited by local representative of the Permot Merchant’s Guild Haslan Timur, in return for their recent assistance with some trouble at the Forbidden Quarry. They didn’t choose the name, but Timur felt it better to call them that than let the locals label them with something worse. The Quarrymen are a concern for local authorities, not because of what they’ve done, but what they are…

  • Faros Solar, a Tiefling Duke from southward Coventry territories recently swallowed up by the Morfarsing.
  • Threnack, a Hobgoblin Warrior in fancy clothes. Dumb as a post. Or is he?
  • Sniffles, a sleepy Forest Goblin. Rarely seen without his (her?) Raccoon-cat companion ’Pizak’at,’ some suggest the goblin is a practitioner of dark arts, and that the Racoon-cat is in truth an Imp.
  • Aster and Rolf, a pair of Guild mercenaries from Permot, they’ve taken oaths as bodyguards to protect the Quarrymen.
1: Bounty Hunters Wanted!
Sword of Justice!

All of Coventry is abuzz after the recent disappearance of local eccentric Felric Moonshine, recently arrested for the murder of curmudgeony Eoril Flan, local Alchemist and guild-mage. When wanted posters go up all over town, the Wizard Corin t’Erith encourages his apprentice Melvin to look into the matter. Ever eager to show up his fellow apprentices, Melvin in turn rounds up his “friends” (an odd assortment of demi-humans & forginers he’d been following arround lately) and convinces them to lend a hand. Soon he, along with the wandering Y’bonite Blade Dancer and Healer Urbenna, the Dwarven Craftpriest Kick-bon and three Elves (all more or less interested in proving the innocence o one of their own) – the Thell Twins (Nataur & Ronditugeus) and Charming – all find themselves meeting with Thane Jos Redbeard.

Redbeard, a grizzled old warlord, tells them of the long standing rivalry between Felric and Eoril (why the elf was considered the prime suspect). Now as it happens, the long-standing tradition around these parts is for the Thane to hold judgement over those accused of crimes with the aid of an old family heirloom, the sword Annacon. A magic blade, a gift from the Dwarves long ago, glows blue when ever a lie is told in its’ presence. Well, when Felric was brought before the Thane to be quizzed as to his innocence or guilt in the presence of the blade, everyone was quite surprised when the elf vanished from the court-room. Even more surprised when the sword flew out of it’s scabbard, glowing bright blue, then floated away northward, off into the mountains. The Thane, convinced there might be more to the story than meet the eye, investigated further, eventually getting a confession out of the watch-captain who admitted to murdering Flan after he sold him a faulty love-potion. Knowing now Felric was innocent, he offers the Bounty Hunters 200 gold coins if they can find the runaway elf and bring him back unharmed. He’ll kick in an additional 300 if they retrieve and return his sword as well, but they can earn a reward 25 to 50gp if they can just discover his whereabouts and maybe an answer to why he ran off in the first place.

Redbeard heard a rumor that hunters had spotted a lone elf wandering a trail off to the north, heading towards the ruined manse of Kanos, a Wizard who disappeared almost 40 years ago, and suggests they start there. Grabbing their gear, the novice adventurers set out, first following the old mountain road north-east, then splitting off the beaten path to the little used trail. The following day they surprise two Stirges in a small valley marsh, but Melvin bespells them, making them sleep before wringing their necks and sticking them in a sack to study later. They reach the ruined sanctum by nightfall.

Spotting a nearby well, the Thell Twins investigate while the rest wait by the gate. As they get close, someone within begins shouting to them, begging for aid. Ronditugeus holds the rope and lowers Nataur down, and although she finds a handful of coins and nearly catches her death of cold, no one is found in the freezing waters (though pleading cries can still be heard.

Pausing long enough to make a fire to dry Nadaur off and warm her up, the gang eventually turns back to investigating the Manse. As Melvin pauses to knock, Kick-bon pushes the door open and enters. Finding little of interest in the front hall, they move to the first door to their left, finding the servant’s quarters. This first room, the Butlers, proves to have little of interest (much of the furniture having fallen apart), though a locked desk drawer proves to have some change and old household ledgers. Moving through a curtain to the next room they find the cook’s room in little better shape. Worse, they are surprised to find a giant Crab Spider lurking on the ceiling when Melvin moves to investigate the mouldering old curtain separating the two rooms. In the ensuing battle the arachnid manages to bite both Melvin and Nataur, leaving both dead from it’s poison in short order, before the rest of the party hack it to bits. Ronditugeus is understandably traumatized. They wrap them up in their cloaks and leave them by the front door (along with a beautiful old oil-painting of Coventry Castle they found hanging on the wall which they tuck in a sack to take back with them later).

Moving further into the house, they find a large, stately dining room. Attracted by the glint of a gold silverware set, they are quickly frightened out of their wits and flee the house when a spectral figure enters and sits at the table. Once they recover they enter the house again, this time moving further down the central hall to a second door on the left. This time they find a guest room, though it is in little better repair than the servant’s quarters. While forcing open a cabinet drawer (with his hammer), Kick-bon and several others are blinded by a great flash, which leads to much recriminations. After a while their sight returns, and (leaving Charming behind – the young elf having temporarily been overcome by claustrophobia had stepped outside for a few minutes) they move on to the door at the far end of the room, through another hallway with several doors, into the kitchen. Little of interest is found as they search until the dampness on the gray cutting table oozes upwards to attack! Dodging it’s pseudopods, Ronditugeus is quite unnerved and flees to the door, begging the rest to run with him. Refusing to get near it, Kick-bon takes several shots at it with his crossbow, while Urbenna hacks at it with her swords. While she manages to splatter it into several smaller wiggly bits, the acidic nature of the ooze destroys both her blades. As she dodges to snatch up a butcher’s knife from a nearby table, Kick-bon finishes it with a well-placed shot, piercing it’s amorphous center.

Deciding they’ve had enough, the survivors camp outside for the night, then return to Coventry to sell the painting, divvy up the goods, and bury their dead…

Prologue: Heroes in the Making
Wherein we make a fistfull of characters

Four travelers come to know each other in the settlement of Coventry.

  • Kick-Bon, a Dwarven Craftpriest on an information gathering mission from the Low Mountains to discover the state of affairs in the Periphery for his people. His dream is to establish a brewery of his own.
  • Melvin the Mage, a young apprentice of the eccentric Wizard Corin t’Erith, off on errands to impress his master.
  • Urbanna the Healer, a Blade Dancer sent to spread the word as a missionary of her faith.
  • Nataur Thell, an Elven Spellsword who, along with her twin brother Ronditugeus, is part of the great Elven diaspora fleeing the ever advancing Carnivorous Forest that is Morfairsing.

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