Morfairsing Rising

Shadow of the Demon Lord: Curious Case of the Errant Swine - Episode 2.7

Don't go into the light!

The Chain Gang:

  • Franklin Faust, spiderbot Clockwork Magician obsessed with the dark arts.
  • Julia, sexy Vampire Warrior in a Studio Ghibli-style Hazmat burka.
  • Brenda Miner, biker Dwarf Warrior with a sweet tooth for the rich life.
  • Kane, mendicant Human Priest with a shady past.
  • Jordan, Changeling Warrior suffering an identity crisis.
  • Golden-green~, self-indulgent Elf Rogue pistollero wrapped up in her own flower-power.
  • Silverbell, canary-headed Pixie Rogue with the life expectancy of a candle-flame.

Given the corpses & lack of light, the gang decides to move the camp into the room with the dimly glowing crimson lit half-dome (though the phantom elf woman appearing to tear off her own face & offer up her eyes every hour on the hour proves psychologically taxing to some, especially Brenda). Golden-green~ agrees to feed Julia some more of her blood, having developed something of a Vore-fetish. while while Brenda hammers out Faust’s dents & fixes up his gears after discovering he’s still fixable & winds him back up.

In the morning a bloodied Kane catches up with them , having swam through the Paranas in the water-filled tunnel. Finding Brenda has an infected leg, & others are still injured, Kane calls upon the Last King to heal what he can. The gang, while not necessarily devout believers, are happy for his services none the less.

Finally ready, they turn to pass through the pillared room to follow the downward-spiraling corridor. Eventually it leads them down to another circular chamber, eerily lit by a radiant red light emanating from a golden bowl floating in the center of the room to reflect upon mirrored walls. Below rest three glowing jewel-fragments. Golden-green~ searches for pressure-plates while everyone else hides in the hall. From what he hopes is a safe distance Faust determines that, yes, magic emanates from the chamber, but refuses to come closer to discern more. Golden-green~ notes the ceiling is very, very high above, seeming to be a semi-transparent dome, and likely the same dome from the room where they’d been camping.

Studying the jewel-fragments, Golden-green~ recalls legends of the Elf-Troll Wars, from the Elder-Times, and one story that told of the 6 Jewels of Power, and one specific tale that spoke of how one of the Jewels had been shattered by the Sword of Sorrows, a blade forged in the blood of 666 Elves. Such shattered remnants have little power left on their own, but can be consumed to enhance one’s own power – a postulation that makes Clockwork Faust sad.

In reaching out to pick them up, Golden-Green~ discovers too late they are illusions! A blinding flash of red light emanating from the bowl leaves several of them blinded for a minute, and all of them with a deep and painful sunburn. Silverbell suffers the worst, having had a vein rupture so her blood begins spraying everywhere, but emergency triage from Kane saves her tiny life. With no other exits to follow, the somewhat cooked Chain-gang retreats back upstairs.

While several flop down to rest after their short adventure, several of them (Jordan, Brenda, & Faust) accept a blessing from Kane so they can finally put an end to those wretched fish. After Brenda & Jordan chum up the waters with the Bloodybone’s corpses to attract the Parana swarm, they set to spearfish them once Faust dazes them with his fell magics (making them too busy filling the water with their own excrement to fight).

Afterwards they return to camp, and Julia & Golden-green~ persuade Brenda & Kane to join her in aiding in Julia’s “feeding arrangements” before they all settle down to rest for the rest of the day…


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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