Morfairsing Rising

Prologue: Heroes in the Making

Wherein we make a fistfull of characters

Four travelers come to know each other in the settlement of Coventry.

  • Kick-Bon, a Dwarven Craftpriest on an information gathering mission from the Low Mountains to discover the state of affairs in the Periphery for his people. His dream is to establish a brewery of his own.
  • Melvin the Mage, a young apprentice of the eccentric Wizard Corin t’Erith, off on errands to impress his master.
  • Urbanna the Healer, a Blade Dancer sent to spread the word as a missionary of her faith.
  • Nataur Thell, an Elven Spellsword who, along with her twin brother Ronditugeus, is part of the great Elven diaspora fleeing the ever advancing Carnivorous Forest that is Morfairsing.


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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