Morfairsing Rising

A New story begins!

Meet the Whistling Quarrymen.

The Whistling Quarrymen are a small company, recently recruited by local representative of the Permot Merchant’s Guild Haslan Timur, in return for their recent assistance with some trouble at the Forbidden Quarry. They didn’t choose the name, but Timur felt it better to call them that than let the locals label them with something worse. The Quarrymen are a concern for local authorities, not because of what they’ve done, but what they are…

  • Faros Solar, a Tiefling Duke from southward Coventry territories recently swallowed up by the Morfarsing.
  • Threnack, a Hobgoblin Warrior in fancy clothes. Dumb as a post. Or is he?
  • Sniffles, a sleepy Forest Goblin. Rarely seen without his (her?) Raccoon-cat companion ’Pizak’at,’ some suggest the goblin is a practitioner of dark arts, and that the Racoon-cat is in truth an Imp.
  • Aster and Rolf, a pair of Guild mercenaries from Permot, they’ve taken oaths as bodyguards to protect the Quarrymen.


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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